This Digirama was created by Vicky-chan for Shewsbury Land Freebies V6 and she won the contest! Congrats to her! Here`s the Digirama:

LOL!!! I love the ending!! XD Check out more digirama in Vicky-chan`s burogu or you can check digiramas by me here .^^


vicky said...

hehehe its good that u love the ending.. actually i was trying to make Tsukasa as clumsy as she was and eventually it turned out like this hahaha... but im quite happy too XD

Double H said...

Hahaha! I find it cute! Tsukasa is clumsy, but cute! x3 hehe

vicky said...

hahahaa very very true~!!!

junojuno said...

aiihh, its very cute!
and the ending is funny :D