This is the summary for Gundam 00I. I got this from AniMatsuri!^^

In this chapter, one of the Meisters, Hallelujah (Allelujah) appears.

The title is #I02 “Hunter”

The story starts 124 years ago on earth. Lars and his wife were viewing the news about the probe that left for Jupiter in a room. It is said that Lars’ friend is also in the Jupiter probe ship. Lars views the film with a complicated expression. His wife (She resembles Anew. The reason is stated later by the Doctor) says to him, “It’s alright. Don’t feel lonesome. You have me,” and tightly embraces him. “I promise. Our child, and I, will always be beside you. You are not alone.” At the adjoining room, their daughter who sleeps looks at the two. The reminiscing scene changed, and in the heavy rain, Lars is shouting. On his arms is the dead body of his wife with a knife thrust into her chest.

The flashback ended and it is back to AD2312.
Leif looks at the images of the army, searching for his comrades [I believe this is in reference to the 6 he has to look for in his mission], but found no one. The purpose is that in case they are to fight an enemy mobile suit, they need to be sure that one of their own is capable of fighting. Through the Doctor’s treatment, fortunately the life of Buryun [spelling?], who was shot by Lars, was saved. However, whether his ability to carry out his mission still remains even when his head was shot, is not yet known.

At about that time, Lars, who had a rifle, muttered in the forest, “A false person…”

The scene goes back, and Leif and the Doctor continues their conversation. The two continued to talk about Innovades. The Doctor says that, “The Innovades are built very well.” If you look at the physiology of Innovades, there is nothing that is inferior to humans. They are made using human genes, and the humans who furnished the genes, from whom they are modeled, are important. [ahahaha Beatrice, Didier come here darlings]

Because the Innovades do not age, their life as a human in human society is also limited. It is up to 10 years before Veda orders them to “Return”. However, the Doctor stayed with society up to about 20 years. The Doctor says, “Perhaps because I became too famous as a doctor, that it was hard for Veda to tell me to ‘Return’.”

Leif also talks. “It seems that for children like Buryun, ‘Return’ is also fast.” The Doctor retorts, “In the situation that a household contains a child, all members are Innovades.”

“It’s sad, isn’t it. The memory of the child who was made to return is deleted…” The Doctor objects to Leif who was sighing. “That depends on how you look at it. Certainly upon Veda’s command, our memories are deleted. It is the same as the death of the personality. However, the person is not biologically dead. Once more, upon the download of a new personality, they are restored to society as a different person.”

Leif cries, “That is also very sad! My previous memories – My family and friends, were all lies!”

After a moment of silence, the Doctor also replied again. “But the memories personally lived in this society are genuine. And the various encounters too. I want to value those such things.” Leif frailly agrees.

A short time after that, Leif finished the army image validation work. But he didn’t find his comrades there. While Leif was working, the Doctor confirmed Lars’ true character by accessing Veda. He is “Lars Grise”. From year AD2185 up to the present time, he has been living with the human society for about 130 years. But his information upload to Veda has been cut off for several years, and as it is, his link is also suspended. However, Veda continues to follow Lars by an external surveillance. The behavior he took is that of an “Innovade Hunter”. He continues to kill Innovades only for more than 100 years, and up to now has killed several hundreds of Innovades. Because of Veda’s intervention, he has never been caught as a mass murderer. Because among the victims there are many that have the same outward appearance, Veda deals with the data and falsifies it.

Leif replies that there are two posibilities to be considered from this information. Either Lars as an Innovade Hunter is not related to the 6 comrades he is looking for. Or he is related to it, and he hasn’t been successful in finding the 6 comrades because of what he has been doing for more than 100 years. Now, Leif and gang, regarding that mission…

At that time, the Doctor’s cellphone rang. Buryun has disappeared from the sickroom. How can he do so, when he’s not supposed to be able to move on his own?

A young girl is in a gloomy room. Wearing a gothloli style attire and sitting on a chair, the young girl (Sondheim) addresses the whole world using QBW. “Anyone… Isn’t anyone here? Please answer.” There was a person who replied to her voice. “Who is it? The guy with the big voice is…” the Federation Army imprisoned “Hallelujah” replies.

“Y-you can’t move can you? Just like me.” Allelujah (Hallelujah)’s imprisonment establishment is reflected.