New Spawn Movie

"Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane has announced that he has officially begun writing the screenplay for a new movie based on the character.

"The story has been in my head for 7 or 8 years," McFarlane said. "The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary."

He added that "the tone of this 'Spawn' movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film 'Departed.'"

In August of 1997, New Line released a Spawn movie that grossed $87.8 million worldwide. It starred Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo and Martin Sheen.

A very good news for Spawn fans!! Thanks to ScarySoul for sharing this info!^^ Original article here.


Evyl-kun said...

OMG ! I can't wait then ! it's so ... cool !

amenwolf said...

Finally!! Waited so long for this