Orange Range

This month`s Featured Artist: Orange Range!

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Orange Range is a 5-member Okinawan alternative rock band, based in Okinawa. Read their history here. Orange Range is a great band. Their first song I listen to was Viva★Rock, the third ending theme of my favorite anime Naruto.

Viva★Rock PV:

*~Asterisk~.. Another great song from Orange Range. Used as the first opening theme for Bleach!

And this one is my favorite PV,02! Used as the first opening theme of Code Geass season 2!^^

I`ve been a fan of Orange Range for almost 5 damn years now. When I listen to Viva★Rock, I was like WTF is this? I felt kinda strange but Strange is not the word for Orange Range! Unique! Their song is unique! All of their songs grabbed my attentions. Then when I watched Bleach, I got hooked up with *~Asterisk~, I listen to this song everday!! Really glad that I knew this band! I will always be Orange Range`s fan!!!^^

Join their fansite here.^^