Live-Action Barbie Movie

Hollywood screens are usually populated by Barbies, but now the real Barbie is on her way to the big screen.

After months of negotiations, Universal has acquired the rights to the iconic Mattel toy to make a live-action feature.

Laurence Mark, whose credits include "Jerry Maguire" and "Julie & Julia," is producing.

Barbie, celebrating her 50th anniversary as one of the top toy brands in the world, has never been adapted into a live-action film, though not for Hollywood's lack of trying. Mattel has been extremely protective of the toy, which has generated billions of dollars, wanting nothing to tarnish the polished image. Read more!

What the f**k is going on here? First Disney buys Marvel and yesterday I got the news Facebook, the Social Nextwork is going to the big screen and now..Live action Barbie?! Whats next? Oh god no please don`t answer that! Shoot me now! @____@


RC said...

yea, i still don't get this social network movie --- as for barbie -- kind of surprised it hasn't happened already.