Man held for beating 2-month-old son

FUNABASHI- Police on Sunday arrested a man for allegedly abusing his 2-month-old son at their home in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture. The man allegedly punched the infant in the stomach and about the head because he wouldn’t stop crying, police said.

According to investigations, the suspect, identified as Shigeo Roppongi, gave the baby a bath on Friday night, while his wife was out. He was quoted as telling police that the baby was crying and he thought a bath might quieten him down. When the baby continued to cry, Roppongi told police he shook the baby and hit him in the stomach and head.

Roppongi’s wife noticed the bruises when she looked in on the baby on Saturday morning and took him to a hospital. Police said they were called by hospital staff who reported possible abuse. The baby is in a stable condition, police said.

Via Japan Today