Meisa Kuroki; 'Celeb with most attractive eyes'

The “Bright Eyes” promotion committee ran an Internet poll in August, asking 500 men and women in their 20s and 30s on “Your opinion of eyes.” According to the results, 21-year-old actress Meisa Kuroki was voted the “Celeb with the most attractive eyes.” Coming in at No. 2 was actress-singer Kou Shibasaki, 27, and No. 3 was Yukie Nakama.

All three winners have what the committee has defined as the new standard of beautiful eyes, a “golden” pupil ratio of 1:2:1.

The poll also inquired into “What specific trait makes eyes stand out?” with the top ranking answer being “Deep black irises.” The poll results revealed that most of those surveyed believed that “ideal eyes” are ones with large, black irises.

Via Japan Today

Doesn`t familiar with her? Oh come on! She`s the heroine(Ruka) in the Japanese movie Crows Zero and Crows Zero 2! She is the one who sang the song Hero Lives in You for Crows Zero. She definitely got the most attractive and sexy eyes! ;3