Berryz Koubou and 'Light Novel'

Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata is being turned into a live-action film next year and Berryz Koubou`s Maasa Sudo will be playing the heroine role(Tsurugi Yabusame). The light novel is made by Toru Honda and published by GA Bunko.

The story centers on Yakumo Atae, a first-year student who knows the hidden secret of his fearsome classmate Tsurugi Yabusame — while she is the school's strongest girl, she is also a budding light novel author under the penname Mio Himemiya. Tsurugi is stuck in a huge slump while writing her new romantic comedy. Yakumo's cousin Kokona Atae happens to be Tsurugi's editor, and Kokona suggests that Yakumo and Tsurugi become a couple so that Tsurugi can know the experience of romance.

Source: Tokyograph, ANN

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