First Impression: 11Eyes

Okay 11Eyes was adapted from an adult visual novel with the same name, developed and published by Lass. Finished watching the first episode of the anime version just now and...nothing really impressed me! 11Eyes is not like what I expected, the first episode didn`t really caught my attention! Satsuki Kakeru, the main lead loses his sister five years ago (committed suicide), helped by his childhood friend and made him return to his normal days.

You can see A LOT of panty flashes in this anime and Tadashi Teruya, a perverted friend of Kakeru kinda remind me of Sunohara from Clannad! @___@ I don`t know but I guess nothing original can be found on this anime!

Panties! These are just some of them!

Opening theme: B-

Ending theme: E-

I`m giving a B+ for its animation with a really nice background music that suits the dark atmosphere of this anime. I think that`s all for 11Eyes as I got nothing much to say about this anime.

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