First Impression: Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata is based on the Korean drama television series about the love between two childhood friends and the tragic events that happen. I`m not a big K-Drama fan but I do watch some of them, and Full House and Princess Hours are my favorite! XD The drama was a huge hit in Japan and now they adapted it into an anime series so why not give it a try? You can watch episode 0 and episode 1 here.

There is a slight differences between the drama and the anime. In episode 0 shows that the characters of the series already have a vexing issues in their lives and how it affect their relationship between them. I guess only those people who finished the drama would understand what happened in episode 0.

This anime really got a pretty great graphic and I love the use of those beautiful background music. The animation quality is fairly high and the way it is presented does seem like it was adapted from a drama. This anime are in Korean dialogue as the original actors from the live action drama are doing the voice. They done a pretty good job in voice acting an anime character!

Opening theme: A-
It`s just lovely. This is the first Korean song that I liked when I watch the drama back in..(2003?)

Ending theme: C+

Now this really amazed me how the tend to make the anime looked exactly like the drama!

Drama vs Anime:

Winter Sonata is a great series to start if you want to try something different in anime as it focuses on actual adults rather than teenagers` love story. Watch it if you are a fan of K-Drama!^^,


Argyle Bolivar said...

LOL I started watching Episode 00 on friday and I got hooked~! I was like: "WTF is happenning wat!?!?" soo I delved deeper into it and found out more about this stuff and now this series is looking amazing~!! ^^ loving it =3

Evyl-kun said...

not interested by K-drama ... well, I will try to take a look at it

Jason said...

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