Weekly Update 003: Ding a Ling

[Aaah Japanese Meido~ I just love the French maid outfit! =3]

Whattup minna-san?! We meet again..on my "Weekly Update" post. Today I wanna talk about something to do with blogging. There is time when we are not able to come up with something to post, yup the time when we ran out of ideas. They called it blogger blocks! So how do your guys overcome it?

This morning I stumbled upon an article on one of my favorite blogger`s blog, Darren Rowse from Problogger.net! He shares some tips on how to overcome blogger blocks:

  • Change your Blogging Environment
Getting away from your computer and blog can definitely help but so can blogging from a new location.

  • Keep an idea Journal
I got nothing to worry about this as I had one myself!^^,

  • Read what other Bloggers are Saying
  • Take a Break
  • Comment on others Blogs

Darren also made me remove some stuff from my side bars. Some of you might notice that there`s a slight changes I made on the side bar after I watch Darren`s video:

I promised to post my favorite channel on Youtube but I`m not gonna post it today. I`m trying to limit myself from posting more than 6 articles a day. Okay here I wanna share game titles I`m getting soon:

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010


Tekken 6

Okay I think that`s all for this week`s update! XD Enjoy this song (an english dub of Again by YUI!) It`s not that bad! She got an amazing voice! The first english dub (song) that I liked! Please listen to this song!^^,

And some meido pictures for my readers lol:

[OMG Kawaiii!!!!!]

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meido brain explosion!(>_<)!!

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