Yumeiro Patissiere First Impression

First thought;
The story kinda reminds me of Yakitake! Japan`s Azuma Kazuma except, for this series the main lead is kinda..clumsy.. lol

The story centers on a 14-year-old girl named Ichigo Amano who wants to be a pâtissière (female pastry chef), but she is extremely clumsy. One day, she enrolls in St. Mary Academy, a culinary school for sweets, and meets a "spirit of sweets."

Main Character:
Amano Ichigo

The main lead, 14, a bit clumsy and love sweets. She always ignored by her mother. Her dream; to bake the strawberry tart her grandma made for when she was crying, and that cake always brought back her smile. <- This reminds me of Kazuma when he eaten a bread for the first time! A cute and sweet anime! lol Ichigo looked kinda like Mikan from Gakuen Alice(another cute anime!). The first episode was just okay. Nothing really special to me, just some introduction of the main character and her family, she met Henri-sensei and was invited to join St. Marie Academy and YAY her dream come true! lol But I like a food-themed anime so I will be following this series! XD

Opening Theme: C Nothing caught my attention. It`s just cute and too much sweets! lol

Ending Theme: C-

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