GoFi6ures Opening! (Video)

The grand opening was last week but I didn`t get the chance to go there myself! =/ The opening video was taken by the dudes from 501st Legion.^^ Subscribe to their channel!

go fi6ure! Toys and Collectibles is a toy and collectibles store which aims to provide local Bruneians a place to share their passion for collectibles and toys. Through go fi6ure! T&C, you'll be able to expand your collection of collectible toys at a competitive price.

Leveraging through their network of suppliers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the US, go fi6ure! T&C hopes to bring you the best of collectible toys to our own backyard!

go fi6ure! Toys Store location:

The MALL Gadong
3rd Floor
Cineplex, Oppposite ETA Games.

Visit GoFi6ures` blog for more info.

Pictures hijacked from Munir & B-MAGE.^^

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