Zone of the Enders 3

Hideo Kojima talks about a new Zone of the Enders last week. Now he truly promised that the game will happen.

"I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel," he said.

He also explains why Zone of the Enders didn't sell very well, claiming that he timed the release wrong: "Everything was due to an error by me. At that time, if I hadn’t made a mistake with the release date, [the game] might have ended up a major Kojima Productions title to follow MGS, still seeing development as a series."

"Also, we feel that if we do it, we'd like to make Anubis succeed this time," Kojima continues. "I already have a game plan and method for sales in my head."

Source: Kotaku

I`m not a big fan of Z.O.E. and never get the chance to play it but I believe Z.O.E is an amazing game!^^

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C.R. said...

GASP*, masaka! zoe3??!! can't wait. no promise of time,but a promise it'll eventually happen?? what a tease,heh ^^;

Evyl-kun said...

ZOE 3 ... OMG ! a dream come true !

I never got the chance to have ZOE 1 or 2 since I never found it on stores before ... but I was so unlucky.
I'll wait for it ! even if it takes 5 years