Japanese Tourist in Bali Was Murdered For Resisting Attacker

More updates from Japan Today:

Jakarta - A 33-year-old Japanese tourist who was found dead Monday on the Indonesian resort island Bali was killed for resisting her attacker, the local police chief said Sunday.

‘‘The suspect’s criminal intention was robbery but because the victim tried to fight him, the suspect took a log and beat her to death,’’ I Gede Alit Widana, chief at the Denpasar Police Headquarters in the Bali provincial capital, told a press conference.

‘‘The victim died because of being beaten by a blunt object on her right forehead, which caused a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage, leading to her death,’’ Widana said.

A suspect, identified only as ‘‘David,’’ 37, was arrested at 5 p.m. Friday in a traditional market in Malang in East Java Province. He was then flown to the Bali capital Denpasar. Read more here!