Japanese Tourist Was Raped While Dying

News update on the murder of Rika Sano, a Japanese Tourist who was murdered in Bali last week.

Jakarta - Indonesian police confirmed Monday that a 33-year-old Japanese tourist who was found dead last week on the resort island of Bali had been raped by her attacker while she lay dying.

I Gede Alit Widana, chief of the Denpasar Police Headquarters in the Bali provincial capital, made the announcement after receiving the autopsy results from the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar.

Rika Sano was found dead Sept 28 in the Kuta resort area after having been reported missing from her hotel on Sept 25.

Her suspected killer, David Goltar Wicaksono, 26, was arrested Friday in Malang in East Java Province and flown to Denpasar.

‘‘When she was fighting him, the suspect took a log and struck her. When she was dying, the suspect raped her,’’ Widana said. ‘‘The suspect suffers from sexual deviation, so we will send him to a psychiatrist.’’ Read more here!

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