Why Do You Collect?

This question was originally brought up by SEANxLONG (For Transformers collector) on Youtube. A lot of people posted a video response to this question. Well, I personally thought this was a really great question and it provoked a lot of good thoughts. Why do we collect? Yeah why do you collect? (I`m talking about figurines here). Do you collect because you want to play with them or you just want to decorate them? What is the motive behind our collecting?

These are my answers to his six questions(I also posted this on Figure.fm):

Why Do You Collect?

I collect because collecting is my hobby and it is addictive (lol). Collecting figurines is something I really enjoy, it is my passion and honestly it really makes me happy. I have been collecting for almost three years now and most of my collections are the poseable ones; Figma, Revoltech, GunPla, S.H Figuarts, etc. I love posing(Playing XD) my figurines, taking their picture and make a story with them! To me my figurines are my friends. I can even smile just by looking at them. Its not like I`m mad or insane but it really does makes me happy!^^

Do you collect to play or decorate?

I do play with my figurines and what I meant by 'play' here is just like what I mentioned above; Posing them in different actions, take them out for a photoshoot, make a story/comic with them. I display my collections in my room and I love displaying them. Thats what I do. :)

Do you get a new one just for something to review?

Well, I do review some of my figurines. I love sharing my thoughts with everyone and I love showing them off to some of my friends! HAHA XD

Are you collecting to complete your collection or will always add on to it?

Am I collecting just to complete my collection? No! It is hard to complete a collection for a NEET like me but I will try to expand my collection! I always get a new one every month!^^

Do you collect something just since it is valuable and will sell for a lot of money one day?

I have no intentions to sell my collection. I love my collection and I will never let them go, well not at the time being.

Do you ever think you will stop collecting?

My answer; Hell No! I love this hobby. It is my passion! I will never stop collecting! Why do I need to stop doing something I enjoyed? Something that makes me happy? To tell you the truth this question really freaks me out! I should have pretend I didn`t saw this. =="

Question from Cascade from Figure.fm:
What is your favorite figure in your collection?

Well, my personal favorite is my S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider #1! I love this figure because of its dynamic articulation and I`m a big fan of Kamen Rider! XD

Okay now I`m tagging every collector with this question! You can post this on your blog or you can just post it at the comment section. Do post a link to your blog at the comment section if you answered this questions. I just wanna know other people`s thought!^^

Thanks for spending your time here.^^


Rin 1873 said...

I read your answers and I must admit I agree with most of them.

Figures are friends indeed ^^ Not something that one buys just to resell it later for profit.

SMiLEy said...

because figures are much cheaper than drugs?? don't you just love the smell of freshly opened pvc early in the morning? :3

C.R. said...

Gasp*,I DO love the smell of a brand new figure.