Ultra Magnus

I received this Revoltech last Sunday for free from one of my affiliate. Ultra Magnus is a character from the Transformers Universe, first introduced in Transformers: Generation 1. He is a City Commander for Autobot City in Transformers The Movie.

Ultra Magnus is all soldier. Most comfortable when carrying out Optimus Prime`s orders. Possesses magnificent fighting skills, courage, and a gift for battlefield improvisation. Uncomfortable in the mantle of leadership, but presents strong profile as a commander.

Here`s the box art of the revoltech and view from different angle;

Box comparison with my Revoltech Helldiver, quite big compare to Helldiver`s box;

Accessories; one gun-pointing hand/fist style, one 3 finger opening hand, one gun holder hand, one Prime/Magnus hand shake hand and one gun/blaster.

Full view of Ultra Magnus. His design is based on the Dreamwave Comic on Magnus/Prime, drawn by Pat Lee.

View from different angle;

Articulation on the leg;

Back to back with Helldiver;


The head can rotate 360 degrees, and it can be moved downward at 45 degrees. His shoulder can swung at a 360 degrees forward and back. And the lower arm can be rotated at 360 degrees. Elbow can bent 90 degrees and like all Revoltech series, the hand can be rotated at 360 degrees. His waist can be rotated and abdominal can bent 30 degrees as well as the leg, it can be rotated 360 degrees sideways, 90 degrees forward and back. His knee can only bent at a 90 degrees and his ankle/feet can be bent 80 degrees downward and can be rotated 30 degrees sideway.

Revoltech Ultra Magnus is an awesome action figure but the problem with this figure are it`s weak and loose joints. The joints on the arm and leg is very stiff and rigid and it can be damaged easily if you are substituting the parts recklessly. Ultra Magnus can stand without a problem and and it is pretty stable. I love the detail on this action figure and it is really impressive as it definitely looks like the one in the comic designed by Pat Lee. A true Transformers fan/collector will never hesistate to add this guy into his collection!^^,

Final Score: B-

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