2009 Highlights

This is just a wrap of what`s going with me and my blog through out the year!

2009 has been a great and successful year for me but there are of course some other things that I weren`t successful at. I started this blog on March 14 and there has been a lot of changes to it`s templates, color theme and widgets placement.

I`m happy to see the increase in the amount of readers and visitors to this blog. I even got linked by someone I didn`t know and that shows that they really like my blog. Thanks to whoever you are!^^, I would also like to thank my blog subscribers, thank you very much for your support! To my blog readers, you can now follow this blog on Twitter and deviantART! Additional info: New 'About Section' is now available! You can view it here. The 'About Section' contains a little bit information about me and my blogs!^^,

2009 was the year I started getting serious with my hobby; Collecting figurines. All thanks to CH-Toynation for bringing in the best figurines from my favorite toy makers, and not to forget Gofi6ure Toys & Collectibles for bringing in my favorite Halo and Star Wars figurines! xD

2009 IN BRIEF:
* Ended my long term relationship.
* Watched loads of anime this year!
* Attended DevMeet for the first time!
* Met new and cool friends!^^,
* Was introduced to Dannychoo.com by comrade Yamada.
* Bought my first GunPla, Figma, Nendoroid and Revoltech!
* Played Visual Novel for the first time!
* Learnt to play Chess with my lil bro!
* Made my first Music Video and uploaded it to YouTube but was removed! xD
* Became a big fan of Star Wars!
* Watched lots of Kamen Rider, thanks to Kamen Rider Decade!
* Won lots of contest, especially Shewsbury Land Freebies! xD
* Watched Gundam franchise

What to expect in 2010:
* Driving License
* Japanese Class (February)
* New figurines!
* New anime!
* New Games
* Cute girlfriend. xD
* More success in blogging

I hope 2010 will be much better than 2009!

So welcome 2010! Farewell 2009!!^^,


BlackSun88 said...

lol i dunno how to comment for this.... the first one is definitely quite sad but glad u pick up gundam