Brunei DevMeet 09

*Updated version HERE!

Brunei 5th deviantart meet was held today (20/12/09) at Anggerek Desa Hotel Berakas. The event started at 10AM and ended around 5PM. I went there with my comrades (Eatmejas, David John, Ryu and his brother , Tong and Jojo!!! Nice to meet you, Jojo and Ryu(and your brother lol)!!!^^, And I met Kitty, Syful and Mizy, too!!! Nice to meet you guys! XD

Two competitions were held today; Drawing and Cosplay competition!^^, I didn`t know who won the competitions as we leave the event earlier! Gomen~ ==" Here`s some pictures from the event!

One of the participant for the drawing competition. Love his artwork!^^,

Using a tablet PC! Soo cool!!!

Online game?

Some of the figurines displayed. I saw John`s Shin Musha! XD

Anime preview.. I saw Black Rock Shooter`s preview earlier!

Cosplay competition starts!^^,

John in action! hehe.. XD

My friend Nami-chan..cosplaying as Misa from Death Note! This is her first time cosplaying!^^,

A very cool cosplayer! I took a picture with him but I`m still waiting for my friend to upload the picture on Facebook. ==

Cloud and Roxas!^^,

Danboard cosplayer! It really entertained me!! =3

A video of dancing Danboard I found on YouTube! lol

I love this Gothic Lolita girl! =3

Eatmejas looks so happy! hehe.. XD

Jojo and Hatsune Miku!! =3

My friend IkaPika cosplaying as Pikachu!!! =3

I believe girl on the left is IkaPika`s big sis!^^,

More pictures

Hatsune Miku~ =3

Uploaded by ScarySoul!^^

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I had so much fun today at the event! This is my first time attending it and you hardly find this kinda event in Brunei! I meet lots of new people and make friends with them, specially the cosplayers! XD I believe next year`s event is going to be bigger and much more fun than this one! =3


phossil said...

really nice coverage.
That counter-strike cosplayer was good.

Double H said...

thanks! I really like the counter-strike cosplayer!^^,

SAVE_ME said...

That's gonna be fun. If next year comes, I better join you guys.