DVD Loot

98% Kamen Rider! lol I bought all Heisei Kamen Rider except for Ryuki and Faiz! TwT I`ll watch both of em at Henshin Channel. And two Showa Riders, Black and it`s indirect sequel, Black RX!^^, I`ve watch Faiz, Ryuki and Den-O few years back but I`m trying to re-watch ALL the series after I watched Kamen Rider Decade!

Kamen Rider The Next:

Non-Kamen Rider DVD`s:

Gundam Wing! XD

And my favorite movie`s sequel, 20th Century Boys: Chapter 2!^^,


Blacksun88 said...

wow cool ^^ thats what i hope i can do lol... im poor student ><

packie said...

bnyk duit!!! lol...
ori g tu... gud2, support cd ori..

Double H said...

nda alang2 ahaha XD but the subtitles sucks

packie said...

haha.... wakaru2!!
fansubs still the best..