FX Lightsaber Holder Gathering

The gathering was held last night at Gofi6ure shop, third floor Mall Gadong. Few Lightsaber holder turn up but the the appearance of Darth Vader and Dark Jedi has lighten up the gathering!

I went there with my cousin . Comrade Jojo was there, too! And I met comrade ScarySoul and comrade Amir (the man behind Darth Vader! xD) for the first time! It`s nice meeting everyone!^^,

Here`s a few pictures I took!

Vader watching movie trailer? lol

[Vader: Jojo, I am your father!]

More pictures taken by comrade ScarySoul:

Comrade Amir(Darth Vader) and me! xD

We are talking about Elly Tran Ha! lol! XD

More pictures at ScarySoul`s album on Facebook!^^,


phossil said...

Did you grab a lightsaber too?