Girl Who Leapt Through Time Live-Action Trailer

The trailer for the live-action film Girl Who Leapt Through Time has been streamed by The Yahoo! Movies Japan website.

You can watch the two-minute trailer here or use the player below:

Riisa Naka, the actress who made her film debut as the lead voice of Mamoru Hosoda's 2006 award-winning anime film version of the same novel, stars as a different character in the new film. In the 2010 film, she plays 18-year-old Akari Yoshiyama, the only daughter of the novel's heroine Kazuko. After a car accident puts Kazuko in a coma, Akari leaps back to the year 1974 to find Kazuko's first love. The film is slated to open in Japan next March.

Source: ANN

Anime version trailer: