Gundam: Zeon Children's Academy

It was announced by Monthly Gundam Ace magazine on Saturday that mangaka Mayu Shinjo is launching her Kidō Senshi Gundam Zeon Kōkoku Yōnen Gakkō (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Principality of Zeon Children's Academy) in the March issue of the magazine in January.

Gundam: Zeon Children's Academy is set in the seceding space colonies during the year Universal Century 0079 — the timeframe of the One Year War from the first Gundam space anime series. The story follows five boys who all share a sense of "camaraderie, duty, … jealousy, and war."

Source: ANN


kt76 said...

thanks man,for letting us know about this post. i really am,fell in love with them already! especially,Krauss & Kirill!^ ^'