Kamen Rider Double Begin's Night Synopsis

The day when everything began.

This movie can be considered as Episode Zero for the series Kamen Rider Double because all events related to the night when Double was born will all be revealed here. That's why this movie has the title 'BEGIN'S NIGHT'.

The setting prepared for this movie is the days when the city Fuuto is preparing itself to celebrate Christmas. Just when people have their hands full with the preparation of Christmas, an urban legend appears. It is said that the dead people are coming back from death and this urban legend has already become a rumor in Fuuto.

A client came to Narumi Detective Office and says that she met her sister whom had already passed away. Hidari Shotarou immediately begins his investigation on this case. During his investigation, he meets an unexpected person. That person is the former chief of Narumi Detective Office, Narumi Soukichi, who was supposed to be killed on the Begin's Night!

The character Narumi Soukichi is played by actor Kikkawa Kouji who sang the theme song for the movie of Kamen Rider Kabuto back in 2006. Another guest actress is Sawai Miyu appeared back in 2003-2004 as Tsukino Usagi / Sailor Moon in the series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Via JEFusion