Kamen Rider Decade ~Kansetsuhen~ Synopsis

The official title for the final movie of the infamous series Kamen Rider Decade has been revealed together with the title for the movie of Kamen Rider Double. The title for the final movie of Kamen Rider Decade is Kamen Rider Decade ~Kanketsuhen~. The timeline for this movie is, of course, after the final episode of the TV series. Rider Daisen or Rider Big War had already happened and both Tsukasa and Yuusuke have disappeared from Natsumi’s sight. Kaitou Daiki then appeared in front of Natsumi and she began a new journey to find Tsukasa and Yuusuke.

The world they were going to visit was being symbolized by the background roll of Earth. On the other hand, Tsukasa met another heroine on his journey. Her name was Misaki Yuriko. She had the ability to transform into Denpa Ningen Tackle. Yuriko said that she was happy because she could stay right next Tsukasa but she also had a secret…

A new evil organization, Super Shocker, will become Decade’s enemy. Super Shocker itself was being formed by Super Shinigami-hakase. Surprisingly, Narutaki was also an executive from this evil organization. His true form was Zol-taisa (from the original Kamen Rider series). Some of the monsters which will appear in this movie are: Zanjiou, Jaguar-man , Doku-tokage Otoko, and Hiruchameleon. There will also be a female monster, Hachi-onna, which will be portrayed by Oikawa Nao. Super Shinigami-hakase himself created the strongest kaijin, Neo Seimeitai Doras, to fight Decade.

As expected, after using Kivaara’s power, Natsumi finally transformed into Kamen Rider Kivaara to stop Decade from destroying the worlds. Ah, seems like a new card, All Rider Final Form Ride is going to be used in this movie.

The scenario for this movie is written by script-writer Yonemura Shoji who also wrote the scenario for the first movie of Decade. On the other hand, the scenario for the movie Kamen Rider W ~Begin’s Night~ is written by the main script-writer for the TV series, Sanjo Riku. The theme song for this movie of Decade is once again performed by Gackt. The title is Stay the Decade Alive.

Via JEFusion