New Code Geass ( R3?)

Above image is a cryptic message sent by Code Geass's cellular phone site in Japan today, announcing something about a new Code Geass project. Here`s the translation:

New Code Geass Project Launch Green-Lit!

Expect a followup report in 2010!

This is a rebirth...a new birthday.
Beginning today, Geass will move towards a new level.
Before long, you will all encounter this new Geass
Hope for it. Wait for it. Long for it!

Had you forgotten?
Geass is something akin to a wish.
That's right.
If you all wish for it, Geass will once again...


Source: Japanator

A very good news for me and all Code Geass fans out there!!! And today is December 5th and it is Lelouch`s birthday! Happy Birthday to him!!^^,


Evyl-kun said...

uwaah ! it can be a good news if it's true ^^

But, I end how Lelouch end in the serie, it was too precipitated. Need some development to be a perfect serie ^^ what a shame.

packie said...

more code geass to come!!

oh.. happy birthday, Lelouch!!

Blacksun88 said...

indeed, a good way to celebrate his birthday