Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Anime

ANN revealed that Shinrei Tantei Yakumo will be adapted to an anime for Fall of 2010. It will be directed by Tomoyuki Kurokawa (Murder Princess), while Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Blade of the Immortal, Ryoko's Case File, Silent Möbius) will supervise the series' scripts. Bee Train is producing the anime.

The story follow Yakumo, a young man who can see the spirits of dead people with his red eyes. He uses this ability as a gift to solve murder cases.

I never read the manga before but I do watch it`s drama adaptation and I wished for the anime adaptation!! XD You can check my short review on the drama here but I havent finished watching it yet as I`m still at episode 1. lol


packie said...

hope it's nothing like the drama..
i dun like the drama!!

Double H said...

Really? is it that bad? XD

packie said...

the story's kinda interesting..
it's the actors that i dun like..

vicky said...

i read the manga before, nice! haha i want its anime!! wheee~

Sanzy said...

waaaii~ I can't wait to watch this. (T.T) Love Yakumo and Haru. x3