Brave Story

I downloaded this anime last year and only got the chance to watch it yesterday. This anime was adapted from a Japanese light novel written and illustrated by Miyuki Miyabe. It was adapted by Gonzo and was released in Japan by Warner Bros. on July 8, 2006.

This anime focused on Mitani Wataru, a fifth grader in Japan. He later encountered the mysterious Mitsuru Ashikawa in an empty, unfinished building. Rumors circulating the building that it was haunted by a ghost. Wataru accidentally sees Mitsuru performing magic and follows him into the building and stumbles into the strange world of Vision. Ashikawa told Wataru that he can change his fate and get his wish granted if he entered the world of Vision. In Vision, those from earth are strictly forbidden to enter Vision unless they obtain the status of Traveler. Ashikawa was seen entering the door to Vision, leaving Wataru behind.

Wataru later found out that their parents are divorcing. His mother, who was in shock attempted to commit suicide. Wataru, trying to save his mother, remembers about Vision. He finally goes to the empty building to enter Vision. Thus, Wataru's journey in Vision begins.


The first half of this anime was boring and the intro to me was rather weak in its execution. It was only until Wataru reached Vision that the story really took off. And one more thing, this anime has a lot in common with RPG! It really reminds me of Final Fantasy XII, especially the town, with lots of unique and different creature living in it.

The animation was extremely amazing. It was done by Gonzo(Gantz, Transformers: Galaxy Force). The CG in this anime was quite good but nothing to awed at and the character design was rather simple, but it was acceptable.

The ending theme was done by one of my favorite band, Aqua Timez. Their song Ketsui no Asa ni was used as the ending theme for this anime. It was quite enjoyable since it is one of my favorite song from this band! (^ω^)

Brave story isn`t the best movie around but if you are a fan of fantasy and enjoy playing RPG you should really try this anime. It is a fun movie, try to watch it with your kids or if you just want something to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This one is well recommended! (^ω^)

Score: B-