I bet some of you know Nakagawa Shoko. But if you don`t know or never heard of her before, I presume you know the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. She is the one who sang the opening theme for the anime!

At first I don`t really care about the singer until I searched for the song`s MV and found out that the singer was quite cute! I fell for her! Then I searched for a bit information about her on wikipedia and was surprised that she is not just a singer, but also a cosplayer, actress, gravure idol, illustrator, manga-ka, seiyuu! Holy crap this girl is very talented!! O.O

Gurren Lagann`s Opening theme, Sorairo Days by Shokotan ^w^

If Danny is the God of Otaku, Shokotan to me, is the Goddess of all Otaku! She love cosplaying. Here are some of her cosplay images:

Shokotan is a big fan of Super Sentai series! She has always wanted to become the next Pink Ranger, and has gone out for auditions four times, but failed each time because "she does not have good athletic ability". She is also a fan of Kamen Rider series but she`s more into the Heisei Kamen Rider (the modern riders).

Shokotan is also a big fan Bruce Lee and has a wide knowledge of kung fu films. Waooo~ Shokotan has an addiction to cats she is so fond of them that she once took home an abandoned cat she found while filming. She currently has seven cats, four turtles, a fish, a planarian and a tank of Clione! She is an animal lover! ^w^

She love cats so much that she even tries to eat them! O.O LOL

Shokotan currently has 10 singles and she has released two albums so far, Big☆Bang!!!, released on March 19, 2008 and Magic Time released on January last year.

I really recommend you Arigatō no Egao and Kirei À La Mode! These two are my favorite song from her album Magic Time.

Arigatō no Egao`s PV

Kirei À La Mode - A really sweet song and I can`t stop listening to this one!

Shokotan is a bery cute and moe and a berry berry talented girl. I`m one of her big fan now! XD You can visit her blog here if you want to keep updated with her. I`ve already added her on my blog list! I love you Shokotan! (^ω^)


phossil said...

ohh, beware! a cat eater!! Lol.

Syful said...

i was like, HOLY CRAP!! *points to last picture*

Syful said...

of the cat pictures that is... i can't gobbled up cats anymore... furball =.='