Currently Listening To..Skillet & Shonan no Kaze

I am very open and I listen to all kinds of music. Jules Combarieu quoted; "Music is the art of thinking with sounds.” Music is a form of art which I think is very important to our life. Without music, our life will be so dull and quiet.

Music are also told to have a healing effect towards the soul. I believe most of you will agree with me with this statement. I am the kind of guy who listen to music every time I feel depressed. I will listen to a slow and sentimental song when I am sad, rock/fast-paced song when I`m pissed off and some good random song when I am feeling happy.

There's a lot of wonderful music out there and last night, I had a lil talk with my friend via MSN and she asked me about what music I'm currently listening to. So Ana, here`s my answer to your question last night! XD


This band is a hard rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), his wife Korey Cooper (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist), Ben Kasica (lead guitarist), and the newest member Jen Ledger (drummer, vocalist).

[Jen, John, Korey and Ben]

I discovered this band while I was playing SvR:2010. Their song "Hero" and "Monster" are featured in this game`s soundtrack.

Hero`s official music video:

It`s just AWESOME! Jen is so cute and she got an amazing voice. Those explosions in this video are damn EPIC!!

Monster official music video:

Another song featured on the game`s soundtrack. Cool song but it sounded like Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.

Skillet is a Christian band, tho I`m not a Christian I really enjoy all their song and they are one of my favorite band now! If you like hard rock song you should try this band, you`ll love them!

Shonan no Kaze

Shonan no Kaze (湘南乃風) is a four-member Ska group from Japan, mostly known for their 2006 hit single Junrenka. Here`s a bit information about this group:

RED RICE and HAN-KUN both started to form a band together while they were in Shonan. RED RICE had had a fascination with reggae and hip-hop, while HAN-KUN was originally a dancer from Shounan. HAN-KUN first heard reggae when, by chance, he heard Buju Banton’s Untold Stories while driving. They met SHOCK EYE, a hip-hop DJ, and Wakadanna (who was managing a reggae bar). From then on, they formed a band under the name Shonannokaze and decided to release music together.

In late 2003, the group started to release music under a label that they had created themselves, 134Recordings (under Toy’s Factory). Their debut album, Shonannokaze ~Real Riders~, reached #60 on Oricon album charts. The band would follow up this album with two top 20 singles, and one year later would release their second album, Shonannokaze ~Raga Parade~, which peaked at an astounding #5. Via

This group`s song was featured as an insert song and ending theme song for the 2009 Japanese movie "Drop". You can read my review on the movie here.

Golden Soul`s music video. This song was used as an insert song during one of the fighting scene in the movie. One of the best Japanese OST I ever listen to! I made a fan music video using this song last week. You can watch it here!^^,

友よ- the movie`s ending theme.

Saboten - Even if you don't like Shonan no Kaze you just can`t deny this one! XD The music video is funny as hell!!! LOL!

Shonan no Kaze, they are probably the best Ska group in Japan! lol

Ok Ana, that`s my answer to your question. I hope you enjoy reading it! I have a really long list of music I`m listening to and there are just too many of them to be mentioned here. XD