New Code Geass Anime Confirmed

A new Code Geass series has been confirmed!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! XD

The “new project” Bandai recently announced has been confirmed as being a full anime project promising a “new birth,” much to the delight of the many fans of the series.

It is not clear whether it will actually be released in 2010 and it is not confirmed if this will be a remake, spin-off or direct sequel of the first two series. More news will be posted soon!!^^,

The first phase of the "New Code Geass Project" is Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya manga. It will be launched this spring.

Source: JEFusion, Sankaku Complex


Evyl-kun said...

I heard of it, but nobody want to post it on my blog -_-, and they're fan of Code Geass... bad fan my team got ! XD

Well, it's a good news, still unconfirmed but it's gonna surely be a sequel (but maybe not related to the serie we know)