Oneechanbara The Movie

I saw the trailer on JEFusion. This movie was dased on D3 Publisher's Oneechanbara video game series. It's an action game in which Aya, the protagonist, fights unknown number of zombies and wide range of monster bosses. Aya wields a katana and dressed up in a bikini with a scarf and a cowboy hat. Nope, I never played the game before but watching the epic trailer and reading GekiDan`s review made me wanna watch this movie!

"The year was 20XX. The D3 corporation has just completed its human resuscitation project. At the same time, there was an outbreak of mysterious zombies. The zombies ran rampant, and they started hunting humans as well. The humans who were attacked were later turned into zombies. The food, clothes and necessities of life were taken from them, even brothers who share the same blood started killing each other. It was as if the world had been swallowed into chaos." - Zombieland? lol