REVIEW: The Spy Next Door

The Spy Next Door might be the worst film of 2010, but if you are a fan of Jackie Chan, you would probably enjoy this movie.


Jackie Chan

Alina Foley

Will Shadley

Madeline Carroll

The story follows Bob Ho, a spy who is babysitting his neighbor, Gillian`s children, the girlish and the youngest Nora, the 'geeky' and intelligent boy Ian and their half-sis Farren, the stereotypical teenager-type. One day, Poldark, the bad guy who was caught by Bob escapes from custody and a 'secret file' he was looking for have been taken by Bob. The files were actually downloaded by Ian and was stored on his iPod. Poldark and his men set out to recover the files and to kill them all.


I`m giving it 2/10. No originality! We already have The Pacifier and Rob-B-Hood before this BUT, I`m giving one more point for Jackie`s stunt and TWO POINTS for the cute Madeline Carroll & Alina Foley, making it 5/10! X3

I never had any plan to watch this movie but my cousin text and asked me to accompany her watching this. I never had a high expectations on this movie at first but I cant believe it turns out to be pretty good, all thanks to Jackie`s awesome stunts and humor! If you are Jackie`s fan, you might realized that some of the scenes in this movie are taken from Jackie`s previous film, such as Tuxedo and Rush Hour 3!

This movie might look like The Pacifier to you but with Jackie Chan in it! All in all, it is a type of movie that kids would enjoy watching.

Score: C+

Screenshots(Via IGN):