My review on the best drama of the decade; Tokyo DOGS!

Title: Tokyo DOGS
Gnere: Police, Crime, Romance
No. of Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Fuji TV


Oguri Shun(Crows Zero, Gokusen) as Takakura So

Mizushima Hiro(Drop, Kamen Rider Kabuto) as Kudo Maruo

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Matsunaga Yuki


Takakura So witnessed his father’s murder at a young age. Pledging to catch the killer, he grows up to become an elite cop in New York City, where the criminal lives. His character is cool-headed and disciplined, yet adapts well. Because of major drug dealings, he gets sent to Tokyo to conduct a joint investigation with the Japanese police. There, he gets teamed up with, Kudo Maruo, a detective from a special investigative division. Kudo is a hot-blooded fighting expert due to his earlier days as a delinquent, but he makes a strong impression with his stylish appearance and is always interested in going on group dates. His personality, interests, and investigation methods are completely mismatched with Takakura’s, but the two somehow work together to crack the case they’ve been given.

Tokyo DOGS is the first true police drama that aired in Fuji TV's Monday 9:00pm time slot from 19 October to December 21 last year.

This drama is definitely the best Japanese drama I`ve ever watched! I`ve seen lots of J-dorama before but I never enjoyed watching them as much as I enjoy Tokyo DOGS. The story wasn`t that original; main lead(Takakura So) wanted a revenge for his father, female lead(Matsunaga Yuki) is the key to the murderer but she has amnesia but the whole mystery element in this drama always leave you curious and made you wanna know more about it!

Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro makes a great team! So is a serious, cool-headed and discplined detective and Maruo is a hot-blooded fighting expert, flirtatious and a play-boy detective! I`m a fan of these two dudes and they made the drama more interesting! Hiro is a really funny/dorky detective who, at first hates working with So and called him "American Sensei", this was due to So grew up as an elite cop in NYPD and he usually acted more like an American detective during investigation. But as the story progress, Maruo began to enjoy working with So and kept asking whether So is going back to America after the case was solved or not.

Matsunaga Yuki is a girl who has amnesia, a key to the case which the two detectives are working. Yuki is a soft-spoken type of girl and she is soo cute! Yuki live together with So and Maruo during the investigation and to Yuki, those two detectives were like brothers to her. [SPOILER] She was actually the young girlfriend of Jinno, the guy who murdered So`s father and this makes things more complicated.

There is a running gag in this drama, where So`s mother always called him during investigation and shoot-out, often asking about unnecessary stuff. For example, in one of the episode she asked So to go home and feed her Tamagochi pet! O.O LOL

Opening theme:

A really awesome opening theme! I really like the music and Yoshitaka Yuriko look soo cute in the video!! =3

Ending theme:

The audio track was removed but you listen to the song using the player below:

The song was called Futatsu no Kuchibiru by EXILE. A really lovely song!^^,

Screenshots(taken from from Tokyo DOGS episode 1:

Score: A

Yes I`m giving this drama a big fat A! It deserve an A! Highly, HIGHLY recommended to those who love detective drama, even if you never watch any Japanese drama before I`m sure you will enjoy this one!


Greg said...

I watch this at Veoh! really cool and funny! good review btw. try to use larger font for the spoiler next time! ;)