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Title: Barihaken
Author: Suzuki Shinya
Genre: Comedy, Slice of life story, Action, Otaku

This is a story about an otaku that turns out to be the leader of a bunch of delinquents, but he's hiding his true self. His goal, get a girlfriend who resembles his anime characters. <- The last part reminds me of myself! lol Me want Kona-chan!! =‿‿= Okay let`s get to the manga.

This manga focused on Dango and his ongoing efforts at hiding his otaku life from his gang, well he himself is the leader of the gang. He wasn`t originally the leader of this gang, it all happens when he entered Shuto High School and met a few delinquents who broke his favorite figure. This rages him and made him beaten up one of the delinquent. The rest of the gang members were amazed by his strength and made him the new leader and treated him like a god. lol

I`ve only read the first chapter of this manga so I can`t talk much about it but to tell you the truth, this manga would make a great anime/dorama. Suzuki Shinya`s drawing just doesn't really appeal to me but I`m not saying it`s that bad, no, it`s just he screwed up at some part of the manga.

Admittedly, my first impression of this manga were filled with mixed emotions. While I do like the simple storyline, I definitely would fancy a more complex [Oi! Oi! Double H, this is a slice of life story, why do you need a complex storyline?!]lol but it`s still quite enjoyable to read.

You can read this manga online at Manga Fox or download it from Manga Traders. Big thanks to comrade Ram for introducing this manga in his burogu. Check out his first impression here!^^,


**~Pu-3~** said...

Thank you for introducing this comic, i've read all 5 chapters already. Its one awesome manga! :D

Double H said...

Haha no problem! glad u enjoyed it! XD