Danny Choo is NOT Otaku - The Otaku Elimination Game

What the fu*k exactly the dood from The Otaku Elimination Game are trying to prove here?

Have your heard of this so-called Otaku elimination game? It is a blog where this dood picked a few otaku blog (weekly?) and ‘analyze’ each one of them; praising but mostly, criticize them in a harsh way and sometimes asked the author to stop blogging! Like wth? He doesn`t have any rights to asked people to stop blogging!

What surprises me was he even crticize Danny Choo, saying "he was not otaku at all, he can’t tell you much (if anything) about the anime/manga/eroge of which the figures he promotes are from. He doesn’t watch anime, he doesn’t even buy his figures, they’re just handouts. He’s cheap and far from otaku." in the article We Are Genocide.

Tons of otaku blog has been criticized by this dood, this include my friend`s blog and some other well known blogger like Lightningsabre, Alafista, Kodomut, Actar, OtakuDan. He stated that he`s going to "look through as many anime or ‘otaku’ blogs as he could find, until we were eventually running in circles and couldn’t find anything new".

This dood is focusing on someone who, he think has misused the meaning of 'otaku'. To OEG, I am an Otaku and I don`t think I`ve misused the meaning of it. According to Wikipedia, otaku means a person with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. You see there "a person with obsessive interests". OEG, most of the blog You criticize are people who had an obsession with anime/manga, they watch anime, they collect figurines and everything so why did you waste your time posting the shit?

One thing I realized, most of the blogger he criticized are people who adore Danny Choo. It seems like this guy hates Danny so much. But my question is, WHY?

They haven`t discovered my blog yet but even if they do, it won`t stop me from blogging!

TheBoredOtaku explaining the definition of otaku:

I AM A PROUD OTAKU! <-To OEG, If you found my blog, take a screenshot of this and post it on your blog, dipshit! -Double H-


BlackSun88 said...

seriously. those guy really had nothing better to do. may be their interest are to pick on others interest XD

on a side note, otaku is actually not a so glorious term in japan it self. it means someone that is so obsess with anime/manga that they totally lost in touch with their interpersonal skill and become cause trouble to people around them. well, thats what i learn from my japanese studies. it is not a term that as glorious as what we think in oversea

Anonymous said...

@Blacksun: You`re right but there are a few types and levels, yet they still call you otaku.

@Author: I`ve read some of their posts and I don`t like how they do that.

Starboykb said...

There are many reason why they done this, criticizing other otaku bloggers especially targeting the popular DC easily helps to drive traffic to their blog and make them popular. sooner or later we will be seeing them going a lot of headline.