Currently Watching.. Transformers Animated

"Henshin and Rollout!"

Transformers animated, a series that aired on December 2007, the year Bay`s first Transformers movie was released.

I never had any taught of watching this animated series but after watching peaugh`s review on Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus, I fell in love with the figure and planned to get one!

Then I had this feeling that if I want to get the figure, I need to know the character first! So I YouTube`d for the series and voila! I had watch until episode 12 as of today`s post and I really enjoyed it!^^, So far these are my favorite character that has appear on the series:

Optimus Prime



Transformers Animated`s character design were kinda ugly to me. They are very cartoonish compared to TF: Galaxy Force/Cybertron (Well thats because it`s Cartoon Network!) and they are aiming for much younger audience. Most of G1/Original TF cartoon fans hated this design but to me it is a series for the new generation! New design, new storyline.

Last few weeks at WonFes [Winter], Takara displayed their TF Animated figures that will be released somewhere around this year. The design of Takara`s TF Animated figure look way better than Hasbro`s.

Takara`s TF Animated Optimus Prime. Will definitely get this one!!

I`m gunna continue with episode 13 after this sooo see you guys in the next post!


LEon said...

better late than never I say. It is an awesome Animation I seen so far. More up to date and the figures are awesome!

Double H said...

haha you`re right! I`ve stopped watching anime and Kamen Rider for a while because of this series! This is the first time I`ve ever done this in my life! This animated series are freaking sick! XD