It`s No Longer K-ON!

The second season of blockbuster moe-blob anime K-ON! has been cunningly renamed to K-ON!! in a subtle allusion to it being season number 2, whilst its air date has been confirmed.

K-ON!! second season was announced after the "Let's Go!" live concert in Yokohama few moons ago. When the concert's two encores ended, the large onstage screen displayed footage from the first season of the television anime series. Then the screen displayed an announcement that the second season has been green-lit!

It was confirmed to air in April.

Source: Sankaku Complex


Anonymous said...

O.O Yui, What did you do to the others?

It's actually quite ingenious though, instead of adding a tag saying...K-On! New Semester or something like that.

phossil said...

Double exclamation marks means double fun!! Lol