Japanese Language: Class 2

My second class with Yanai-sensei, our Japanese language teacher. The class is getting more fun and I started to make friends with a few other students! ^w^ The girls in my class are so cute and there`s a twins in our class! Both of em are so kawaii!!!! X3 And I just realized that 90% of the students in our class are otaku! lol

Yesterday, Yanai-sensei taught us two Japanese pronouns. They are;

Watashi(First person)= I, Me
Anata(Second person)= You

After that she taught us when to use Japanese honorific "-san". "-san" comes after somebody`s name. For example:

"San" is a title of respect similar to "Mr.", "Miss", "Mrs.", or "Ms."

She added that you do not need to use "-san" when introducing yourself. Example:

Watashi wa [Name]("-san" isn`t needed here) desu.

When you are refering to younger people/teengaers, you refer them as;

[Name]-chan(For girls)
In general, chan is used for babies, young children, and teenage girls. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends, or any youthful woman.

[Name]-kun(For boys)
Used by persons of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to or have known for long. Although kun is generally used for boys, that isn't a hard rule. For example, in business settings, young female employees may also be addressed as kun by elder males.

And this is how you answer when people are asking about your occupation;

Watashi wa [Job] desu. Example: Watashi wa gakusei(student) desu.

When you are refering to someone;

[Name]-san wa [Job] desu.
Example: Wataru-san wa ginkoin(banker) desu.
In English: Mr. Wataru is a banker.

When someone is asking you about another person`s job(3rd party);

[Name]-san wa [Job] desu ka?
Example: Wataru san wa ginkoin desu ka?
In English: Is Mr. Wataru a banker?

Your answer(If Wataru-san is a banker):

Hai, [Job] desu.
Example: Hai, ginkoin desu.
In English: Yes, he is a banker.

Your answer(If Wataru-san isn`t a banker):

Iie, [Job] jya/dewa arimasen.
Example: Iie, ginkoin jya/dewa arimasen.
In English: No, he is not a banker.

*Hai means Yes, and Iie means No.

Jya/dewa arimasen is the negative form of desu. You can use either "Jya" or "Dewa". Jya is more like a daily use, dewa is more formal and polite.

When someone is asking which company or school you belong to, you answer;

Watashi wa [Company/school] no [Job] desu.
For Example: Watashi wa UBD no gakusei desu.
In English: I am a student in UBD

More Example:
Watashi wa SMJA no Kyoshi(teacher) desu.
In English: I am a teacher in SMJA.

Next class will be held tomorrow! Cant wait to see the kawaii twins again! LOL


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