S.H Figuarts G3X & G4, Kuuga Rising Mighty Form, Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Wild Chalice, S.I.C. Dark Kabuto & Gatack, Ixa & Dark Kiva

Updates on Kamen Rider figures:

S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva

-Part swapping between Save mode and Burst mode for Kamen Rider Ixa. Part swapping as well to change Ixa Calibur from Gun to Calibur mode.

-Kamen Rider Dark Kiva has red metallic paint scheme for the body. Die-cast parts are
used for the armor on the shoulder, feet and arm.

Content include Kamen Rider Ixa, Ixa Calibur, Ixa Knuckle and Kamen Rider Dark Kiva. May release, 5,775 Yen

S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Wild Chalice

Face is made of clear part, can show the color of green. Comes with Wild Slasher, Wild Slasher Arrow Mode. May release, 1,260 Yen

SH FiguArts Kamen Rider G3X, G4

Bandai recently announced two new additions to their SH FiguArts toyline, SH FiguArts Kamen Rider G3X and G4 from the 2nd Heisei series, Kamen Rider Agito. G3X comes with GX05 Cerberus (transformable to Attached mode) and various option hand units, G4 comes with GM01 Kai Type 4 Giganto Multi-purpose Cruise Missile Launcher and various option hand units. Both will be released on May, priced at 3,360 Yen.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto & Gatack`s new images(March release, 6,825 Yen):


Tamashii Web Limited: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Mighty Form - 3,000 Yen

Source: Ngee Khiong (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3), JEFusion