Japanese Language: Class 8

*[This is just a note for myself, on what I learn in my Japanese language class. If you wanna learn Japanese language, seriously please learn from a teacher. These notes won`t help you with anything.]

We had a class last Friday with our kawaii Kumagai-sensei! XD She bought Ponyo anime DVD and wanted to watch it together with us some other time. She`s a really cool sensei!^^,

Ponyo trailer:

Kumagai-sensei added more objects in Japanese:

Keitai Denwa = Portable phone
Pasokon = PC
Jidosha = Auto Mobile
Taberu = Dining table

Sore nani? = What is that?(short)

Kono jisho wa watashi no desu = This is my dictionary

Kono jisho wa dare no desu ka? = Whose dictionary is this?
-[Name] no desu.

Kore wa watashi no [object] desu = This is my [object]

Kore wa dare no [object] desu ka? = Whose [object] is this?

Kore wa nan no tepu desu ka? = What tape is this?

*Iie so ja arimasen can be replaced with Iie, chigaimasu