18 years old is the the age when most kids in Brunei learn how to drive. As for myself, I passed my driving test few moons ago and had acquired a driver`s license. All I need now is a car!

Some teens have to borrow the family car but me and my dad discussed about this and he wants me to drive my own car. Yesterday we went to many car distributor looking for a suitable car for inexperienced driver like me. You know, car crashes are the number one killer of teens in most country, and the risk is much higher for 18 year olds than older, more mature teens.

Often the best cars for teenager like me is a family car, or similar. Money and time are precious so I need something that not-too-fast-but-affordable type of car. My dad picked three cars and I need to decide which one of them by tomorrow! @__@

Kia Cerato

Hyundai Accent

Lancer Ex

or maybe I should ask my dad to get me my dream car:
Nissan GTR!! XD

Nah.. Seriously I don`t know which one I should go with. Damn I`m bad with cars! Need to decide now!! T.T


phossil said...

Good luck finding a suitable car. So many choices out there, Automatic transmission, hatchback, sport, diesel, etc..

Starboykb said...

You should get sporty look car for yourself rather than a plain one. You are young so you need more styling. kekeke...

Double H said...

@Phossil: thank you! ;D

@Starboykb: haha u`re right but I dun really care about car. lol XD