King of Thorn Trailer

Here`a trailer for the upcoming anime film, King of Thorn, adapted from Yuji Iwahara`s sci-fi action manga.

The story follows Kasumi, a girl who was infected by a pandemic virus along with her twin sister Shizuku. Kasumi — but not Shizuku — was chosen to be among 159 other people who were placed into cryogenic suspension until a cure is found. The 160 wake up in the dark future populated by monsters, and Kasumi must survive while she searches for clues on what happened to the world and her sister.

You can also watch the trailer on the official website here.

Source: ANN

The trailer looks amazing and the story really caught my attention! Can`t wait to watch this film!^^,


Evyl-kun said...

It's been a while since I saw the first trailer, nice to see a new one !!
I expect a lot about this post-apocalyptic movie !

OptimisticPenguin said...

that looks really awesome, will def keep an eye out for this one :)