My First Ride

Finally, it`s here. My first ride!^^, It arrived last Thursday but the rain didn`t gave me any chance to take a picture. Today`s fine weather made me took out my camera and give a few shot of the car! But first, guess which car I picked?

Last few days I posted a blog post saying that I need to choose between three cars, Cerato, Accent and Lancer Ex. After checking a review on the three cars on a few blog post and YouTube, I ended up choosing; a 2010 Hyundai Accent Sedan! xD

Hyundai Accent is known as Hyundi Verna in South Korea. Accent has gone through many changes for the past few dekeido but I`m not really sure whether mine is a second or third generation. Well who really cares about that.

Accent is a really excellent economy car. I know I could`ve picked Lancer Ex or Cerato, but Accent is the cheapest among them and I don`t really think I need such an expensive car for a noob like me. I`m just eighteen and I still have much more to learn about the road.

Mark! Get ready with the car signal!


BlackSun88 said...

congratulation ^^

Double H said...

thanks! ^w^

phossil said...

Congratz having a new car. It is common to have left-sided midfielder?