TFA: I Want Season 4!

I`m officially a Transformers Animated fan now! LOL I`ve just finished watching the last episode this afternoon and it took me five days to complete the series. XD

The series ended at episode 42, with a total of 3 seasons and a death of a few Auto-bots and Decepticons. But I want more!! I want season 4 because there are lots of stuff left unanswered in the series and it was quite rush. How did a protoform get into Prof. Sumdac`s lab and created Sari? What happened to the Dinobots and Constructicons? What about Black Arachnia and Waspinator? They`re not dead yet!

Transformers Animated features a new character design and a new storyline. Prime in this series is not like the Prime we knew from the movie. In this series he`s just a recruit in Auto-bot Academy. But as the story progressed, his character developed into something what we called a great, wise, and ass-kicking leader.

The human character in this series is Sari Sumdac, the daughter of Prof. Isaac Sumdac. But she was revealed to be a robot(protoform) at the end of season 2.

Sari robot mode. She look like Drossel to me. lol

Screenshot from the last episode:
R.I.P Starcscream

Another fallen soldier. Prowl sacrificed himself to save people. Why do they always kill the good ones? T.T

This series were obviously aimed for younger audience because some of the episodes just doesn`t make any sense at all. The changes are okay but kiddie and amateurish animation? This is why US cartoon will never measure up with Anime. Well I`m just saying, from an anime otaku`s point of view.

All in all it is quite enjoyable for a noob to TF like me. I only watch the movie and never actually finish the original G1 series. Seriously if you are a hardcore fan of G1 series try to avoid watching this. You`ll just ended up hating it.

Final Score: B-