Currently Watching.. Spectacular Spider-Man

It`s been more than a week since I finished TFA and I still can`t get enough of the series! I really100x hope they made season 4! Okay enough with the rants on TFA, I`m currently watching another U.S Cartoon. This time it`s my favorite childhood superhero, our friendly neighborhood webhead Spider-Man! XD Spectacular Spider-Man to be exact.^^,

Before I start I bet some of you might be wondering, did I stop watching anime? lol Here`s my answer; NO! It`s more like I`m putting them on hold. It`s true that I haven`t watch any anime since I started TFA but that doesn`t mean I stopped forever. I`ll be back writing them soon as I got loads of anime on my folder waiting to be watched! =P

Spectacular Spider-Man is primarily based on Stan Lee`s original story. But comparing this series with the 90`s series, I personally think the storyline and action sequences are way better than the 90s. I used to watched the old series when I was little, and as far as I can remember, they reused a lot of shots, the animation was pretty awkward at times, and it really rushed some of the stories. I`ll stop here and we`ll talk more about the animation and other stuff when I finished this series. I`m currently on episode 10 and Spidey has gotten his black costume! W00000t!! I really can`t wait to finish the series!

Spectacular Spider-Man`s opening theme. Really cool and I love the song! xD


Jean Yves Sibert said...

always loved spidey since the 1995 series. Have u followed the rest of the marvel animated remade series? =)

Double H said...

Gonna watch all of em as soon as I finished this! xD