DiEnd Complete Form

DiEnd Complete Form, as shown above along with other evil riders that only appear from the movie!

Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete form will debut in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider The Movie: Chou Den-O Trilogy, Episode Yellow: Treasure Di End Pirates.

Daiki Kaito possessed by Urataros! lol XD

Episode Yellow`s synopsis:

Episode Yellow: Treasure DE End Pirates
An Extra-Chapter of sorts. To be viewed as a true Cho Den-O sequel. The Den-O characters must team up with Diend in an effort to get Ryotaro back to where they came from. The "Rider who misinterprets time" (maybe G Den-O?) appears. When the great battle begins, the other riders from Decade and from Double appear to help. This episode also features Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

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BlackSun88 said...

diend complete form? interesting. i guess he stole it from tsukasa xD