REVIEW: Liar Game Season 2

A quick review on Liar Game season 2. Finished this drama few weeks ago and it was awesome!

Liar Game season starts off with Kanzaki Nao, having a normal life after she and Akiyama won the third round in Liar Game season 1. When she was returning from her surprise birthday party, she received another box containing money and a letter, from the Liar Game! She was forced to enter the fourth round and teamed up with Akiyama and Fukunaga Yuji once again.

The best thing about season 2 is the epic games! The fourth round start with 24 Rensou Russian Roulette, with Fukunaga playing. Fourth round are divided by three games, first round was 24 Rensou Russian Roulette, followed by 17 Poker and Stationary Roulette. Like season 1, Nao never plans to win any of the money, so she ended up saving every player by paying their debts.

A few characters from Season 1 are returning, that is Suzuki Kosuke(Fukunaga Yuji) and Morishita Yoshiyuki(Tsuchida Yasufumi) and few others makes a cameo on episode 1, celebrating Nao`s birthday. In the later episodes two more games are being played; "Angels and Demons", one of the best IMO, and the last game, "Gold Rush", similar to the third game in season one where you need to smuggle something into a territory without being caught, but with a little twist.

The drama ends at episode 9, but the final game will continue in the movie, LIAR GAME: The Final Stage.

I love season 2 more than season 1. The games were amazing especially "Angels & Demons", if you wanna know what the game is all about you gotta watch this drama yourself! Kanzaki Nao, played by Toda Erika is getting cuter, and I love her new hair. lol Okay Nao in season 2 is berry different character compared to season 1, where all she did was cry cry and cry! But in season 2, Nao is a more confident and strong character.

Watch it if you love the manga, or have watched season 1! Berry great dorama.

Liar Game season 1 and 2`s op. Love season 2`s op, but lol at the pole! XD

Score: A-