Japanese Language: Class 19

The class is bak!!! lol School reopened yesterday and so do our Japanese Language Class! Few people came on the second term, maybe they are still in the holiday mood. ^^, Ah well, there won`t be any class this Wednesday as Yanai-sensei is busy with something. I`ll be back posting again around Saturday.

*[This is just a note for myself, on what I learn in my Japanese language class. If you wanna learn Japanese language, seriously please learn from a teacher. These notes won`t help you with anything.]

The lesson continue with what we learn on previous class; time.

Anata wa nanji ni okimasu ka? = What time do you wake up?

*Nanji = What time
*Okimasu = Wake up

Rokuji ni okimasu = I wake up at 6.

New vocabularies:

Asa = Morning
Hiru = Day Time
Ban/Your = Evening

Maiasa = Every Morning
Maiban = Every Evening

Maiasa rokuji ni okimasu = I wake up at 6 every morning.

Shigoto wa nanji ni owarimasu ka? = What time do you finish your job?
Benkyo wa nanji ni owarimsau ka? = What time do you finish studying/school?


Benkyoshimasu = Studying
Hatarakimasu = Working


Sunday = Nichiyobi
Monday = Getsuyobi
Tuesday = Kaiyobi
Wednesday = Suiyobi
Thursday = Mokuyobi
Friday = Kinyobi
Saturay = Doyobi

Kyo = Today
Ashita = Tomorrow
Asate = The day after tomorrow

Kyo wa getsuyobi desu = Today is Monday
Ashita wa kaiyobi desu = Tomorrow is Tuesday

End of Class 19! ^w^


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